As a freelance brand consultant...

...much of my experience has involved working with strategic consultancies such as Headmint Global Strategy and Red Spider Global, and sometimes I work directly with advertising agencies or directly with the client. Below are a selection of some of the brands with whom I have worked.

Here's a comprehensive list of clients with whom I have worked: 

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Acura, Toyota, VW

FMCG (Global/US)
Coca-Cola, Coke FIFA, Coke 5x20, Nike, Steinway, Seagram, Scotts, Miller, Hilton, P&G, Kellogg’s, Diebels,
Nikon, Tuborg, Stride, Powerade, Minute Maid, Nestea, Fosters, Fuze, Dasani, BMI, Keurig, Fairlife,
Aquarius, Glaceau, Misfit, Simply, SmartWater

FMCG (Overseas)
Rani (Saudi Arabia), Vimto (Saudi Arabia), Sprite (Russia), Fanta (Russia), Moya Semya (Russia), Santa Clara (Mexico), Valser (Switzerland), Dorna (Romania), Ciel (Mexico), Romerquelle (Austria), Vio (Germany), Toni (Ecuador), Bon Aqua (Russia), Bankia (Bulgaria), Rosa (Serbia), Naturaqua (Hungary), Del Valle (LATAM), Manantial (Columbia), Rich (Japan), Coca-Cola (Russia), Sprite (China)

ABC, BBC, LucasFilm, Sundance, Wired, OMD, Band of the Day, Athlon, Autumn Defense

Napster, Allstate, Leo Burnett, Wieden & Kennedy, Catholic Extension Society, Lewis Communications, Local Shares, Delevante Creative, InterFaith

Dart Music, LeanKit, Emma, Streamweaver, Firefly Logic, Metamarketer, Uniguest, StudioNow

CHS, LifePoint, HealthStream, HealthTeacher, ViraCor-IBT, NATT, Meharry, Memorial

Nashville and The South
Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Independent Business Alliance, Nashville Film Institute, Nashville Originals, Nashville Chamber Orchestra, Nashville Opera, Discovery Park of America, Seigenthaler Public Relations, C3, Cheekwood, Freeman Webb, Village Real Estate, Zeitlin Realtors, Ensworth, Adventure Science Center, Smith Travel Research, H3GM, W Squared, Thistle Farms, Find Investigations, StoryBoard EMP, Pursuit Magazine, Watermark, Clarity, St Georges, Pope John Paul II High School, Room In The Inn